Create a free Custom Garden Calendar in 5 minutes

Mustard seeds in March? Spinach in September? Annuals in April?

When it comes to gardening, timing is everything. And there’s a lot to time.

With Rooted Reminders, you can select your zip and fav plants. We’ll then remind you when to plant what for your best season ever

woman holding a bunch of dahlias

Never miss a planting window again

It can be tough to keep track of everything in your garden – even if you’re an experienced gardener

Frost dates. Planting dates. Transplant dates. Sow dates.

It’s all rather tedious. 

Rooted Reminders makes planning painless. You’ll be sent customized reminders for your garden based on your location and favorite plants. No plotting calendar dates. No more forgetting when to plant garlic.

Your garden has never been so productive or beautiful.


Add your zipcode

We’ll use your zip code to figure out your ideal planting times based on frost data.


Choose your plants

Herbs. Veggies. Flowers. Select whichever plants you want in your garden this season.


Receive reminders

You’ll receive customized reminders for when to plant seedlings, sow, or transplant your preferred plants.

Grow a beautiful garden. Even if you kill mint.

Get all the relevant reminders you need to grow a thriving garden. Customized for your preferred plants and location.


Regularly check email? Glued to your phone? You can get notified by text or email when it’s time to plant, transplant, or sow.

Garden planner

Select the plants you want to grow.  Rooted Reminders will generate a personalized planting schedule based on your zip code’s frost dates.

Plant library

Timing. Spacing. Water requirements. And more. Every plant in Rooted Reminders includes the info you need for gardening success.

Always know what to plant next

See important information about your garden. Plus, explore what’s ready to plant now. Your garden has never been more delightful.

Planting suggestions

Need some ideas about what you should plant? We got you covered. You’ll find new plants that work in your zone that are ready to plant now. No more getting stuck in the same-plants-different-season rut.

Garden information

Learn your frost dates. Then use them to ensure a successful season. All the math is done for you

Successful gardening requires good timing.

And Rooted Reminders.

5 minutes is all it takes to set up your calendar for the whole season. There’s no need to log in regularly – reminders are sent to your email or text messages.


For gardeners who want to plan a beautiful garden, Rooted Reminders is the garden calendar that gives you the most out of your growing season.

Our free plan has everything you need to create a calendar. Or upgrade for more features and to support an independent project.


Track up to 10 plants

Email reminders

Premium Lifetime Access

Track unlimited plants

SMS and Email reminders

Calendar integration (coming soon)

Email support

Support an independent project