Revolutionize Your Garden Planning with Our Free App

It’s finally spring, which means it’s time to get your garden in shape!

Whether you’re a veteran gardener or just getting started with plants and soil, planning out your season can be overwhelming. That is why we created our free garden planner tool – to help simplify the process and bring beauty into the mix. Our beautiful and straightforward app helps take care of remembering when to plant things by setting up reminders for when to plant the specific seeds and crops you want in your garden this year. With its user-friendly interface and beautiful design, our tool makes garden planning fun!

Read on for more insights about this incredibly easy way to complete your garden planning in a fraction of the time.

The Origin Story

Sitting in front of the seed display at my local garden shop activated all my senses. All the color. All the possibility. I figured if they’re selling these seeds now, it must mean I can plant them now, right?

Little did I know that kale didn’t like the Texas heat or that for where I live it was actually best to start tomato seeds in February. Yes, I could’ve read the seed packet instructions more thoroughly, but I was just so excited about planting things that I didn’t really care.

The results were frustrating. Still, I loved the relaxation and fulfillment in taking care of garden, even if I did spend $30 per tomato I actually harvested.

After a few frustrating attempts, I finally did a little more research and realized that when I planted things mattered and researching things before you start your garden is super handy. So I brushed off my coding skills and got to work. I figured at worst, I’ll build a product I love. At best, I’ll help lots of other people grow better gardens.


Rooted Reminders is a simple gardening application available via the internet. While there is no iOS or Android app (yet), Rooted Reminders helps you via the following features:

– Easy calendar creation: Don’t search through a long chart of every possible plant and then plot out all your plantings by hand. Simply select the plants you want to grow in your garden and we’ll create your calendar for you automatically.
– Plant bank: With 75 of the most common vegetables, herbs, and flowers at your fingertips, you can find the info on the plants you want to grow the most. Our catalog is always expanding, too.
– Zip-code based frost date planning: When you enter your zip code, we’ll figure out your areas first and last frost dates so that we can then help you decide when to plant the plants you want most in your garden
– Reminders: Creating a calendar is great, but without remembering to do anything on it, it’s not very useful. Select from weekly email and/or SMS reminders, so you’ll never miss a planting date.
– Growing ideas: Find plants that having upcoming seed, transplant, or sow dates for your area. If you’ve always wanted to plant garlic, but never could remember when it was supposed to go in, this feature can help with that.

Our feature list is always growing. If you have any ideas, feel free to email me at and I’ll be sure to take them into consideration for our next release.

How Rooted Reminders can help you

Gardening can seem like a daunting task for some, but with this tool, managing your garden can be bountiful and stress-free.

Before Rooted Reminders, it might take an afternoon or two to sit down in front of your almanac, figure out which things you want to plant, find your frost date, look up each of your plants, then mark down the dates of when you wanted to plant what in your notebook or calendar.

Now it’s all done for you. You still get to enjoy picking out your plants, but the labor intensive task of creating the calendar is done for you.

It’s an easy-to-use and personalized system that can make even the newest gardener feel successful. This tool takes a lot of the guesswork out of timing your garden, giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful and successful garden.

How to get started

Signing up for Rooted Reminders is totally free. On our free plan, you can track up to 20 plants in your garden and get reminders for them every week. We are also offering a paid plan that allows you to track as many plants as you want, plus access additional features such as seeing reminders further into the future and back into the past, printable calendars, and more.

Head to to create your free account today.

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