Gardening in San Antonio Texas: A Vegetable Planting Calendar + Helpful Tips

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Planning your vegetable garden in San Antonio, Texas can be a daunting task, especially with the region’s unique climate and temperature variations. But fear not, we have the solution to help you maximize your gardening success. Rooted Reminder’s planting calendar enables you to select suitable vegetables based on San Antonio’s climate and planting zones. You … Read more

Find Your Zip Code’s Planting Zone – And Other Important Pieces of Data About Your Growing Area

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Wondering what planting zone zip code you’re in? Looking for a quick, easy way to determine your plant hardiness and get started with gardening? Look no further – here are a few websites that will help you uncover your zip code’s planting zone, and why you may also need a couple other pieces of data … Read more

Hardiness Zone Vs Frost Dates. Which Should You Use to Plan Your Garden?

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Knowing when and where to plant your seedlings is key to successful gardening. Plant hardiness zones and frost dates are two indicators you can use to determine what plants to plant and when to plant ’em. If you don’t feel like reading the whole article, here’s the TL:DR: Hardiness zone is important when picking plants.Frost … Read more